Great Expectation

Do it .
But for what ? There is much violence linked to the idea of credit . The credit offered by those who were expecting. 
However, when something is done solely for the sake of credit , maybe it’s better if it was undone .

Misery is inevitable when action is based on others expectation.
The need to satisfy others is dangerous. Especially at the time when you are at the crossroad of choosing your next step .

The only need needed is to firstly satisfy yourself. The self that you are living with. The self that if not at peace, will have trouble giving to the world. The self that you need to fill as Lady O ( Oprah) pointed out.

Beware of becoming Synesthetic from any side.Whether intellectual, cultural, or financial side…

When the path you want is not yet figured out, don’t settle to the expectations. The expectations that you know are bad for you. 
Don’t do what you are expected just because you don’t know what you want to do, yet.

In the middle of that search just stay true to you.