The Floor Is Lava

One may think that we get to old to play this game.
But here’s why you still can, and need to play it with your friends, family, and people.

1. It really is fun.

2. It’s for free, and it’s a break. A break from everyday stress, and hardships… May the floor be lava forever, somedays.

3. Embrace the child inside. (Pleeease) Age is just a number that will probably define your physical ability. But, not your mental, or spiritual one. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.… is a chance to be young . Heart, and soul young.

4. It is ongoing, so it could be anywhere, anytime. It’s a permission to go crazy. Because, THE FLOOR IS LAVA.…Damn it.

So, let the Lava liberate you, and melt down your worries for a second.