We Are Not All Leaders : In Praise of The Follower

To be lead is one the most frequent situations people face almost everyday .
Yet being lead is no less important than leading itself, it is an immense responsibility to choose the right leader …
Leading/Following are interconnected (They are The Best of Friends) and intersect in the actions taken .

No Leader, is who he is without the people who followed .To validate the actions taken ... 
Let that be bad , or good . 
Leaders are A Reflection . 
A Reflection of a whole community ,culture ,reality .
A Reflection of the people .So there are no leaders without followers to evaluate, to critically perceive . To support great right initiatives ,and to be a wild alert when something greatly wrong is initiated.

There is great emphasis on how people can be good leaders, but how can one be a good follower ? 
A Great Follower is that small details keeper, small details flourish the bigger picture . 
A Great Follower is careful not to collide with the preset vision . 
A Great Follower is actively present , always to add the necessary, or omit the unnecessary.

A Great Follower is the beating heart of the overall image of any project ,(Of anything ) And the project is only as loud as the beats of that heart .
A Great Follower is a potential Leader… 
Great Followers are a constent reminder of the dream … 
The orchestra that is to be played , and that there is still hope. Because , living , caring,breathing human beings are still there , and they can bring back the music , create that masterpiece , and can give it life .