People follow different paths in their life to make a mark for their next generation and teach them to how to become a leader in the hearts of your people. Abdul Sattar Eidhi was one of them. In his whole life he worked on helping others from his youth till grave. I will discuss one example that Abdul Sattar Eidhi created which has a reflection in my own life and that was ‘Amal’. Doing something. It was his early youth when one day he found some seniors of his school were teasing a poor man wearing torn clothes. First he observed the whole situation but when the boys crossed the line he jumped into the fight and saved that poor man which he say later he was his first teacher. World is full of challenges. Many of us face them and many just ignore them. Both type of people are enjoying their lives but in different ways. My story is very simple to understand but only I know the hard work behind it. It was solar power project to digitize home electricity. The reason behind this project was my passion, my hobby to do it and also to save some money due to high cost electricity.

Every goal have to face some challenges. The challenge in front of me was the investment which this project needed because at that time the cost of solar panels and accessories were very high in market and some of the professional work that I was unable to do due to lack of equipment.The first three tasks that I identified were to consult parents for financial support, lend some money from friends and use my savings as a small investment because I didn’t want to put all the burden on my parents as it was my goal not their’s.These tasks were not easy but God helped me out. My father was not ready for this but after requesting again and again, he agreed and took the responsibility of 30% investment. Then I moved for lending some money from a friend. I asked many friends but only one agreed saying that he has saved some. Now the time came of my savings. I was able to arrange about 85% of the total investment. So I started with the 85% and by the Grace of God, I completed it and accomplished my goal.

Every challenge in this world teach you something. This whole thing taught me one thing and that was ‘never lose hope’ whether you have the resources or not. Reach out your family, friends, mentors, teahers; may be they will be able to do something for you even moral support.

At last I will say……..

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