[Box] Thinking

The basic guidelines for the announcement application project were simple; create a database for teachers and students to create, review, and store announcements personally. This was all well and good in terms of basic necessities, but not good with me as a whole. Let me explain.

See, I’ve always been more of an unorthodox thinker. Whenever I’m given requirements, I always imagine a way to exceed them, or at least approach them with a different standpoint. As such, I looked to apply that same fundamental into this assignment as well.

First and foremost, I quickly realized that more people than just teachers and students need to create announcements. In fact, not just people, but groups as well. Clubs, faculties, even staff and secretaries would all need to be incorporated to achieve a streamlined school-wide operations system.

This lead to different pages being created for each individual “side” of this application, which eventually led to different sign up procedures. While students would be required to enter homeroom and ID’s, people like secretaries would need faculty ID’s and be done with the process.

After incorporating this, and getting advice from real members of the school in terms of what sign up features to add, I finally inputted this selection into my overall application. And it definitely met with a pleasant response. I received a perfect grade on this design, and was praised on the incorporation of other sources as well.

Overall, this felt incredibly satisfying and great, as a little extra work and thinking led to an extraordinary result in the end.

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