“If” Statements

So now that I considered myself an average Joe in the world of JavaScript, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Things were going swell, I had made large amounts of progress on the application itself, and the design was coming along greatly. However, our class was then introduced to the “if” statements function, and that feeling of confidence slowly faded away.

These statements were a little tricky to master, as they enclosed many functions and were intricate just to look at. I initially tried using an online source (W3Schools) in order to familiarize myself with the functionality, but alas that method failed, as I was unable to apply the lessons taught onto my application.

After a while of just simply being stumped, I realized I had to step up my game. Asking around for help from fellow classmates, I learnt that I was simply creating unnecessary syntax errors throughout, and that my mistakes were more formatting than procedural.

With that in mind, I quickly fixed my errors and proceeded to attain a successful result right in front of my eyes. This feeling made me ecstatic on the inside, as the state of confusion I was in prior to this whole mess was rather concerning, so to understand this procedure made for a very informative learning experience.

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