Input Boxes

While working throughout the entire login process, the JavaScript was not the only factor on my mind. Like I mentioned previously, the overall concept of a “simplistic” design was a theme which I intended to uphold throughout the assignment. As such, the standard input boxes theme were very lacklustre in contrast, which required me to research some CSS templates in order to liven up the design.

Once I began my research in this field, I came to a quick realization; not much is different in the various types of input boxes. This was a little tricky, as the small differences in any element of design were what set it apart in any scenario. From this realization, I spent a large sum of time analyzing my design itself, in order to get a feel of the elemental requirements of the page. Alas, by the end, I continued on with the rounded-rectangular theme of all buttons, and applied that into the input boxes as well.

This problem was not very common, so regular methods were not used to solve it. This was more self reflection, in a sense of analyzing and comprehending the design requirements, rather than scavenging out a problem.

Accomplishing this task felt more like a learning experience than an accomplishment, due to the fact that I truly understood the design elements much better as a whole after the analyzation process throughout.