The JavaScript Chronicles

So let’s get one thing straight; I’m not exactly the world’s best coder. Granted, I’ve had some experience over the summer in basic HTML and CSS, but nothing more than a few webpages and rotating buttons to show for it. Learning the language of JavaScript was both a new experience and an intense challenge simply because of the intricate formulae, as well as the new methods to memorize. As such, this proved to be a tough obstacle.

This problem proved to be more of a new opportunity of learning throughout, but still clearly demonstrated the characteristics of a problem in its whole. The first task was decipher the overall functions, and their purposes in the language. Items such as .LocalStorage, variables, and other features took me a while to understand, as it was more functionality over finesse with JavaScript.

The only way to really learn computer science is to practice to perfect, and that is exactly what I began to do. Practicing both at home with different online tutorials, and in class with experiments on my application, I slowly began to process the information much quicker, and become handier with the various formulae associated with JavaScript.

Alas, by the end of the first couple lessons taught by Mr. Brown, I was already well in motion on my application in terms of the JavaScript functions. Seeing myself whiz through the procedures, knowing each function first hand was a great sight, making me feel both confident in my abilities, as well as energized for the mission ahead.