Never lose hope, be optimistic 😊

When I passed metric I was 15 years old. I wanted to be a software engineer but my parents can’t afford that why I study Political Science. I always used to think why I study Political science?
After joined SEEKHO organization, Zubin Bhaijan(CEO) gave me opportunity to meet many people who are from other states or countries.
 I know there is something great in everyone which I can learn form them, so I’m curious to make relationship with new people. One day I was talking with Jason who told me about where I can learn online programming language.
Then I started online classes but the challenge was the classes were in English language and my English was not good. Because I was curious to learn anyhow, I opened Google translate in other tab on the browser while I was learning programming language.
During the classes I also started to learn English too.
Unfortunately I couldn’t learn too much about programming language but I learned English very well but I still trying to Learn programming language.