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Something Unique Human — Evolution doesn’t mean we are an accident

As an increasingly addicted TED-junkie I have had the pleasure (and sometimes the compulsion) to watch the daily new featured additions to the homepage. This often leads me down a rabbit-hold of related talks and I often come away with new insights and food for thought. …

China is an Onion, no, a Parfait

Like many other boys growing up in America, I was fascinated with the idea of digging a hole through the Earth that would come out in China. Of course I never thought I would actually get here via hole, but an airplane sure did a good job. And, if I had jumped out of that airplane, in a few seconds, I would have discovered an important truth about China that it has taken me a few years, on the ground, to begin to understand.

Let’s go back a bit. It is evening, I…


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