Balance and the role of mentor

Ponton made a great point about success in an academic doctoral program. Self-directing learning is crucial in the doctoral program because self -directed students can work individually to create learning activities. For instance, I would call myself as self -directed person because I entered courses with specific goal of learning and not just getting perfect grades. Of course good grades motivate you to work harder but they also can disappoint you.

The road I chose is not an easy one, however, being a young mom I know that through the educational journal I will accomplish my goals and make sure my girls will have everything they need.

I love this quote by Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

I think it is so important to have positive relationships with mentors, advisors, and chairs during this wonderful journey. People around us paly so many roles. As Sharon et al., discussed it is also crucial that the expectations are clear and students are in great relationship with their chairs. From my past experience, I would like to share that is so true, I was one of the luckiest students who had a true leader, wonderful woman, knowledgeable professor, cared advisor, and skilled chair. And yes, it is all about one person, one lady who became so close to me, who supported me and moved me forward.

I believe that our mentors should be skilled, more experienced, and model for us who teaches, sponsors, encourages, counsels, and motivates us to go further. The true mentors will be happy for their mentees when they shine like ‘stars’ they never compete but just give the support and encourage the students to be the best.

I loved our last topic about ‘work and balance’ our guest speaker did a wonderful job on sharing about positive ideas. We all have families, work, kids, classes, friends and etc., but how do you limit ourselves from unnecessary meetings or how do we balance our life? It is hard- yes, it is. However, only we are those who can manage our schedule and balance our daily life. Great comments were made during our class session and I loved who we are different and do things differently. More organized people schedule their every second and we can do it both manually and digitally. Today we have so many opportunities: attending conferences where we can build network or being involved in different projects where we can collaborate with other students.

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