How many companies will move to Web 3.0? And how Manta Network will help with this

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eb 3.0 is already very close, every day we are getting closer and closer to this day when everyone will be able to manage their things without moderation from third parties.

How will the transformation take place?

The process of migrating from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is not an easy task, transitioning to full ownership of content is not an easy thing. Especially when it comes to privacy, where Web 2.0 is often subject to crashes and hacks. The transition is a difficult process and not many people can do it on their own. Manta Network is a good option to get out of the situation. They work on zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), which is based on mathematical principles. This allows Manta Network to scale privacy in a device-independent and more decentralized way in the world of Web 3.0.

What advantage do you get in Web 3.0

First of all, it is complete freedom of action and no one can moderate your content or your applications. The second is the complete privatization of your assets in the network. The second part can be helped by Manta Network as they can privatize transactions on the network, Manta Network privacy goes beyond token transactions and can be applied for use in DeFi, metaverses or NFTs.

So if you have a desire to move to Web 3.0, then Manta Network will be a good option.

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