Green Card, Yellow and Red Cards In Kabaddi

Gross violations & Foul

The referee and the umpires shall have the power to warn, declare technical point against, temporarily suspend or to disqualify any player or team from the match who is committing any of the following violations or Foul:

a. Persistently protesting or objecting the official’s decision, thereby disrupting the match.

b. Making derogatory remarks about the officials & their actions, thereby trying to influence their decision

c. Showing overt aggression towards the referee or umpire demanding a favorable decision.

d. Stifle a raider by shutting his mouth or throat in any way

e. Violent tackling leading to injuries being sustained the by opponent raider

f. Taking more than 5 seconds to start the raid unless specified in the rules

g. Hold the raider with the help of scissors operated by legs

h. Coaching from outside by the coaches and the players

i. Preventing the raider to take his turn of raid

In any of these cases, the referee and the umpire can use the following cards to warn, temporarily suspend, suspend from the match or debar from the tournament, a player coach/manager/ team:

a. Green Card: An initial warning for any violation of rules

b. Yellow Card: 2 minute suspension from the game along with 1 technical point to the opposition

c. Red: 1 technical point to the opposition and suspension for the rest of the match. In this case, the team that loses the player shall continue the match with the remaining number of players. No substitution for a red carded player is allowed

d. Note:

i. The two minutes suspension of players shall commence from the time the player is on court only.

ii. If the player out is suspended for two minutes then the suspension will begin after revival.

iii. Teams will not be allowed to revive the next out player in place of the suspended player.

These rules are followed in International Kabaddi as well as Pro Kabaddi League in India.

Checkout the basic signs used by the umpires in Kabaddi matches:

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Amit Rathee from Bengaluru Bulls was the only player to receive a red card in Season 3.

In Season 5 Vishal Mane from Patna Pirates has received a yellow card for attempting a scissors hold on Rahul Chaudhary.

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