If you think Men’s Tennis is more popular, you’re wrong!

US open has started on August 29th. Let us have a look at what is trending worldwide on google in the world of tennis.

Serena in Green is searched by a lot more worldwide than Djokovic in blue and Murray in red when they are playing. Federer is not playing US Open 2016: Generated using Google Trends

Surprisingly Serena has trumped all men’s players to star on Google Trends! Of course there is a big US Open and American bias associated with this. It also goes to show how dominant she is in Women’s Tennis with her having a 58% chance of winning the Grand Slam, next highest being Angelique Kerber at a low 10%. Most probably because she is the only known Women tennis player for half the world!

The Scot Murray (red) has no competition when it comes to UK. Serena Williams searches in comparison are quite few.

At the other end of the world …

Djokovic trends only when he has a match.

Whoever wins the US open, the average Indian wakes up in the morning and searches for one name : Roger Federer.

In India, everyone wakes up to Roger Federer, everyday. Doesn’t matter whether he plays US Open or not.

Federer trends in India, whether he plays the US Open or not!!

Countries that don’t really care about US Open as much as they do about Fedex in yellow.