Why did Brazil host Summer Olympics 2016

Above chart shows Google Trends for the search term ‘Rio’.

People who have heard/searched for ‘Rio’ has just risen through the roof to 10 times as much as before Olympics. It has been few days since the Olympics finished and people are still searching for Rio.

This means overnight (in this case 15 days of Olympics) the sheer number of people aware of a beautiful town Rio has just gone up by millions!

Olympics is so global that not just in South America, but all over the world people are searching for Rio (Google does not get access to China and most African countries still not online).

This is just one reason promoting the cause of tourism in Brazil.

Another advantage is the Global Media coverage.

Improvement in medal tally and better facilities for athletes.

But all these does not justify the amount of money spent by the government to host this gala.

Brazil believes that at the world stage their tourist destinations will be highlighted,generating interest for tourists and can add income to their development and it is also a matter of pride for the government and the countrymen.

A clear advantage most of the poor countries get is an increase (mostly phenomenal) in the medal tally.

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