My Verizon Phone Number Got Spoofed

Today I received a call from a local number I didn’t recognize. Normally I ignore these but since it was a local number I answered. The lady on the other end was completely ballistic. She accused me of harassing her and to stop calling her. I was confused because I hadn’t place an outgoing call from this number in weeks.

I calmed her down and asked her to repeat the number that showed up on her caller ID. She repeated my number. I asked her what the call was pertaining to and she said it was something about a Marriott resort offer.

Now it made sense because I to received the same Marriott Resort call 2 days ago. This call also came from a local number. A quick google search led me to others who have had their Verizon numbers spoofed and used for this scam.

Now I don’t care about the scam. If people fall for phone phishing then that’s on them. What I’m concerned about is MY number being used to conduct these schemes. I can’t change my number and now I have been set up for constant harassment from confused elderly people.

You can read more about the phone spoofing scam here.

I contacted Verizon and explained the issue. First option was to change my number and I told the nice customer service representative that was not an option. The second option was to wait on hold while she talked to the fraud department. She comes back after 5 minutes and tells me “They are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it.”

I told the customer service representative I would like like to be updated on the status of the investigation being that my number was negatively impacted. She said she would call me every Thursday. She then also tried one more time to get me to change my number. I told her that even if I changed by number that won’t guarantee the same thing won’t happen again.

As of this moment I believe Verizon either can’t fix this issue or refuses to spend the money to do so. Having your number spoofed can cause a lot of unintended grief and in some cases could cause someone to cross reference your number to find personal information. They can report your number to the FCC for harassment and illegal marketing. The scenarios go on and on.

I’m interested to see what Verizon’s response is and I will keep you updated.

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