Accessories at Lifestyle store

The onset of e-commerce has led to fall in footfalls in the malls of Mumbai. It used to be a place where shoppers spent maximum time and felt rejoiced. The once crowed mall now only see footfall on the weekends and that to if any good movie is playing on screen. Thus they have only become place of multiplexes. Thus the shops on rent in the malls find a hard time to do business. Even the economic slowdown has affected the middle man from coming to the mall to spend. If such scenario continues the malls would have to look for alternate strategy to attract crowds.

Malls have always been a place where one finds multi brand stores in one place. But the new age malls of Mumbai have started innovating and creating spaces for kids to enjoy. The rising population of Mumbai and growing urbanisation has left the kids with no place for play and fun. Thus the new malls have come up with places where the kids could enjoy with their family. It caters in itself the snow world experience or the roller coaster ride. The gaming zone was not new concept, but the introduction of virtual game enhanced the experience.

Be it the intense summer sun or the plain winter sun, shades are our pals in combating away harsh sunlight. Shades can serve as style enhancers of your face once you get to know which type suits your face the most. To help you with that critical task, Lifestyle store brings to you all that you need to know about different styles of shades. The shades to suit all kind of face type and structure. It has a variety of brand to choose from. Men, Women or kids the store has a huge variety for every person. Now don’t let that harsh sun rob the beauty of eyes ever again.

The most awaited season is here for all shopaholics. Shopaholics gear up and let that budget go wild during this discount season. With the dip in prices and the increase in discounts, you are going to be crazy about the choice that the store offers. The lifestyle store will all be courting you with the tempting offers and more often than not, once inside, you’ll end up buying things on whim, rather than as planned. So visit the store and buy your favourite dress or that favourite suit you like. Be it any occasion this discount season don’t let anyone keep wondering of a gift, gift your near and dear ones with love by gifting them what they love the most.

The most difficult task after deciding to choose to start a business is the location of office. Obviously you will select a place which is well accessible, less traffic to commute and people know about it. Normally, salons work out of three types of institutions: freestanding buildings, storefront properties, and shopping centre’s like strip malls. The establishment of saloon is not a new thing, but nowadays malls of Mumbai are opening up for corporate offices to also be established inside the mall.