Celebrate your birthday at Maroosh Lower Parel

Birthdays are the most special day in one’s life. This is because it is one of those days which is so close to you and your life, yet you do not hesitate to share with your others. Needless to say, we love to celebrate our birthdays along with our near and dear ones. In most cases, we celebrate our birthdays with our friends.

The ones among us who stay away from family enjoy the playful birthday bumps given by our friends at midnight while celebrating with them the following day. Although birthdays are nothing but the reminder of us getting aged by one more year, we try to make each birthday of ours more memorable than the previous one. What we fail to realize is that our birthdays are special for another person, and that is none other than our mothers. If our birthday is the day we started breathing on this earth, it is also the day our mothers started their journey of motherhood. In no way, is this day any less special for them. So, the first person we should remember on our birthday is not any of our friends but our mother. Wish your mother happy motherhood day on your birthday, and see how emotional she becomes. The sad thing is that only a few people thinks of this dimension and totally ignores the role of his or her mother in making this birthday the most special day in his or her life.

If you want to celebrate your birthday in the most special way, there is no better way than celebrating it with your mother. We would suggest you to take your mother on a date with you. Do the things your mother enjoys the most. If you are staying in Mumbai, you can take your mother to one of the shopping malls and let her shop her heart out. Ask your mother to buy anything she wants without any hesitation and assist her in selecting the items. After the shopping gets over, feed her the food she likes the most. There are a number of food outlets operating in the shopping malls of Mumbai such as Burger King Mumbai which offer special discounts on the occasion of your birthday. You can take advantage of those offers and make your birthday all the more special.

Another thing you can do on your birthday is to try out any new cuisine. Birthdays are great occasions to try out new things. For example, if you have been planning to try out Middle Eastern cuisine for the first time, you can pay a visit to Maroosh Lower Parel and have Lebanese food. This would be a worthy activity on your birthday.