Fill your stomach as well as heart at Smoke House Deli

Visiting shopping malls is a favourite pastime of the youngsters residing in Mumbai. Needless to say, the shopping malls of Mumbai are considered the hottest and the most happening locations in the city.

The best thing is that people visit shopping malls for a wide range of reasons. Many people visit the shopping malls in Mumbai for the purpose of shopping. In the shopping malls of Mumbai, it is really very fun to go from one store to another and try out different garments and other accessories. Yes, you can definitely buy anything which catches your eye. You can also indulge in some window shopping. The shopping malls would never disappoint you in this regard.

Again, there are many people who visit shopping malls just to meet friends and spend some leisure time with them. There is no denying to the fact that you will have really a very fun time in these malls if you are accompanied by friends. Many people also arrange their dates in the shopping malls. By doing so, the dating couple gets enough options of activities to indulge in together. However, if you really want to spend a quality time in a shopping mall in Mumbai, you should do the following non-shopping activities.

  1. Relive your childhood at the gaming zone
    Every shopping mall in Mumbai has a dedicated space for gaming. You would find a wide variety of fun games and computer games in the gaming zone. You would also find sports such as bowling and billiards in the same floor. Even if you are not a very sports enthusiastic person, you would definitely love to play the colourful games and discover the child in yourself.
  2. Try out fast food corners, restaurants and pubs
    You should visit American fast food centres such as Burger King at least once. You would fall in love with the burgers as well as other delicacies served there. Besides Burger King and similar fast food outlets, there are other fine dining restaurants too in the shopping malls of Mumbai, which you can try out. It is for certain that you would not get disappointed anywhere.
    The restaurants housed in the shopping malls in Mumbai such as
    Smoke House Deli are very particular regarding customer service and are also very innovative in their product presentation. If you prefer drinking while having dinner, there are several bar cum restaurants too in those shopping malls. Besides, you can enjoy your weekends in the lounges and the clubs located in almost every shopping mall in Mumbai.
  3. Catch up events
    If you want to meet celebrities, you should visit the shopping malls in Mumbai during the weekends. It is highly likely that you would find some or other event going on and might meet any guest celebrity.