For a wide range of bridal jewellery visit Tanishq showroom

All the brides have one common dream — to look graceful, elegant and exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day. Besides the bridal wear, it is the wedding jewellery that accentuates the look of the bride on her wedding day. Some brides aren’t able to choose the right jewellery pieces for themselves. Keep in mind it is quintessential to choose the right wedding jewellery since it will make you look confident and attractive.

Today you can come across a number of jewellery shops in Mumbai. Each of them will have ample amount of bridal jewellery in these stores. You can make a choice between the gold, silver or diamond jewellery. Usage, price as well as the uniqueness of any piece will be variable and would depend on the type of material that goes in the making of the jewellery. However, the most vital and crucial part is to ensure that your selected piece of jewellery only adds to the value of your attire on your big day. So, here are some tips to select the best bridal jewellery for your big day.

The first important criterion to select the jewellery from some of the best jewellery brands is to choose something that complements your attire. Your jewellery will play a crucial role in accentuating your appearance. The bridal jewellery that you choose must be in sync with your wedding dress. If your lehanga or gown is heavy then you can opt for heavy jewellery and if the dress is light opt for smaller pieces.

Next, the jewellery should be selected on the basis of the face structure of the bride. Your face cut play a pivotal role in jewellery selection. If the face structure is short then long earrings are preferred on the other hand if it is long then short earrings are selected. Similarly if you are tall and want to look shorter then go for optically larger pieces.

Next keep in mind your weight when selecting the jewellery. For slim people, heavy jewellery works the best and for those who have few extra pounds, light weight jewellery is ideal.

Lastly, opt only for pure bridal rather than mixing different metals. In case you are into gold, opt only for gold jewellery and if you want silver or diamond opt only for the chosen one. Mixing too many metals hinders the uniqueness of the jewellery. Check out the bridal collection at Tanishq showroom to simplify your decision making process.

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