Get fit with practising Pilates exercise

Do you breathe heavily when you climb a set of stairs or run to catch a bus or a train? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, it is about time, you take out at least thirty minutes of your day exclusively to a few physical exercises and activities. A number of physical illnesses and health issues can be avoided with just a few minutes of exercises a day. For those of you who do things only when backed by science, the latest research studies prove this point.

The number of options available to people are many and the only confusion would step in as to what physical activity or exercise to choose from for regulating your health. It is best to stick to exercises and activities that provide you pleasure, captures your interest and deliver effective results. Pilates exercise, which has managed to set many people around the world on a health track is one such form that you can try as well. The number of benefits that Pilates would provide include:

• Better agility and correction of posture
• Better state of mental happiness and positive moods
• Overall great health
• Great radiant skin
• Toned and leaner body and stronger bones and muscles
• Better heart health
• Regulated levels of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol

Pilates is performed with the help of certain equipment specific for Pilates. A single session of Pilates is said to help people lose around 600 calories per hour. This exercise can be performed by people of all ages and gender. Since it is a group activity, people could also stay motivated by working out together.

Zumba is another work out which has managed to capture a million hearts across the world. Due to its fun nature, the work out is appealing to a lot many people. This dance workout is a Brazilian concept, where the workout is mixed with dance and performed to the tunes of international music, salsa and world music. Classes are conducted by experienced professionals who usually take separate Zumba for beginners classes. A one hour session of Zumba is said to help people lose about 800 calories. Being a group activity, this work out brings along a lot of fun into the entire team and makes the entire experience a lot of fun. Zumba also helps people socialise better.

For those of you who do not like too much of activity and like some amount of silence in their lives, yoga is the best workout. Hatha yoga is one of the branches of yoga which literally means forceful yoga. The main element of this form of yoga is the pranayama or the breathing pattern. This is a great way to develop good health along with better concentration skills.