Have a refreshing coffee at Starbucks Mumbai

Mumbai city is one of the happening places in the country not just for business but also for food joints and cafes. Youngsters and working professionals await a Friday night to go out and have fun and everyone is now very fond of fast food joints that are flourishing rapidly in the city. One of the popular and easy to buy and eat fast food are burgers and the one joint which is most visited by lot of young working professionals Is Burger King Mumbai which has various franchises present all over the city.

This one joint is the go to place after office hours; instant reunion spot for friends to hangout, late night eat outs. We are moving to a phase where we want our food to taste well, consume quickly and take minimum time for preparation. And the one food which comes to our mind which satisfies all of the above next to sandwiches is burgers. The good thing about them is that for a moderate price, we can get a combo meal which includes a burger, a French fries pack and a cold beverage. Burger King Mumbai serves the best combo packages around the city and they have promotional discount offers all the time to increase the foot fall.

To illustrate the level of impact, fast food joints have had on our everyday consumption, let us compare the expense incurred in two scenarios below. First, if we had chicken biryani in a good restaurant it would cost around Rs.250 for the biryani alone, a starter for Rs.180 and a beverage for Rs. 90 and the time taken for all these items irrespective of the restaurant would be around 25 minutes. Whereas in the case of ordering all the items in terms of a combo at Burger King Mumbai would be relatively cheaper.

Since we are talking about biryani here, let us talk about the place which is very famous for its variety in cuisines and also serves one of the best biryani in the city of Mumbai. This restaurant serves cuisines like Lebanese, North Indian and much more. Maroosh Lower Parel is very famous for its sophisticated external appearance and also its affordable price factor for all types of customers.

The most sought beverage by working professionals during office hours is coffee and there are different varieties starting from roadside filter coffee to cafés. It gives an instant energy boost and is also a very common beverage for discussion among people of all age groups. Starbucks Mumbai is the most sought after by not just youngsters but also elderly people who seek solace and whose aim is to just enjoy a cup of coffee in peace with their friends or alone. The ambience of this café has something for every customer and makes them want to come back again and again. Have you been there yet? If not then please do!