Malls in Mumbai and festival time crowd

The best days of shopping have arrived. The major festivals celebrated in India are all lined up in the months of October and November. This is the time when people love to splurge. They buy for themselves. They shop for all their loved ones. Needless to say, stores are also decorated to welcome this season of large scale sales. New collections of apparel and lifestyle accessories fill up every nook and corner of the market. This time of the year, shopping malls become centres of attraction for all the urban folk in the major cities. As a result, the shopping malls witness heavy rush from a week before the starting of the festive season.

If you are thinking of shopping your heart out in one of the shopping malls in Mumbai, you must be cautious about the heavy rush. A large number of people would visit these malls and each and every store would be highly crowded. It would be very difficult to shop with liberty in the malls. So, here we are with a few tips which would help you to deal with the crowd in the shopping malls in a better way.

  1. Visit the malls during day time
    It has been observed that most of crowd visit malls in Mumbai in the evening. This is probably because people get free time during the evening after they return from their jobs. It is not an unknown fact that every one of us loves to hang out with friends in the evening time. However, if you are genuinely interested only in shopping, visiting the malls in the daytime would be the best option. You would be able to roam around freely and spend more time at each store in a mall. The heat might be a problem, but once you enter the shopping malls, you would be in a centrally air conditioned zone.
  2. Make a shopping list at home
    If going out for shopping in the daytime is not possible for you due to work, we would advise you to be equipped with a pre-planned shopping list. Prepare the list at home itself and select one of the best malls in Mumbai for shopping those items. This would help you to be particular with what you would be buying and your time will also be saved.
  3. Research online before you go to shop
    You can search online and choose the items you want to buy. The information regarding festive offers and discounts are also announced online. You can decide what to buy and visit the particular stores in the malls and ask for the items you want. In this way, you would be able fend off the crowd to a great extent.