Shop for bridal jewellery from Tanishq showroom

In Indian culture the jewellery is believed to be a quintessential element of the dressing of women. Usually as the girl enters her 20s, the parents begin the jewellery shopping for their little girl. Jewellery plays a key role in accentuating the beauty of the women and this is one crucial reason why women love jewellery so much. There are a number of jewellery pieces such as the earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. No matter what caste, creed or the religion a woman belongs to, she’ll have a substantial collection of jewellery pieces in her closet.

Shop for bridal jewellery from Tanishq showroom

Tanishq showroom is immensely popular for bridal shopping. Everything that you’ll possibly need in your bridal jewellery can be availed at budget friendly prices at the Tanishq store. You can find jewellery in all materials like gold, diamond, silver, platinum, etc., depending upon your need and budget.

Types of jewellery to shop from the best jewellery brands

Here are some important jewellery designs that you can shop from the best jewellery brands

  1. Nath or the nose ring - Usually the nath or the nose ring is worn by the Indian brides. Post marriage most Indian women adorn a nath. These days, nose rings are gaining popularity and are today worn as a fashion statement. Nath could either be in the form of a plain ring or could be studded with some precious stone like diamond. Women generally wear the naths on the left side of the nose and it works well to add to the appeal of the face. In the weddings, the brides wear the naths that have a long chain. This chain goes to the back of the ear. In case, you are scared of pricks and piercings, you can still wear a nath without a piercing. Today there are clippers available in the market. They come with a spring, so you simply place it on the area desired and press further to affix it.
  2. Rings - Rings are exchanged in one of the pre-nuptials as a means of engagement. The rings are available in a variety of materials such as gold, silver, kundan, diamond, platinum.
  3. Anklets or the toe rings - The anklets are known as the payals and the toe rings are called as the Bichuas. These are usually available in gold and silver and add to the appeal of the feet.
  4. Bangles/kadas/chudis - There is a huge range of designs, colors as well as the styles available in the chudis, kadas and the bangles. You can get them in both gold and silver.
  5. Maang Tikka and arm lets - Maang tikas are worn above the foreheads and the arm lets are worn on the elbows. These are available in great range of styles and metals.