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Television and DVD sets are to men what diamonds are to women! If you are planning to buy yourself a brand new best friend it would be good idea to educate yourself a little about what’s available in the market. Here in this article that will give you few buying tips to get yourself the best TV set as well as the best DVD player for your home.

Tips to buy TV from the best electronic shops in Mumbai

The following buying guides will help you choose the TV set best suited for you from best electronic shops in Mumbai.

  1. People tend to give a lot of importance to screen size, while shopping for a TV. They think, if the screen size is large, it would be better than the rest. Logically speaking this is not true! You must choose the screen size based on the viewing area available with you. The bigger the screen, the more should be your viewing area.
  2. Next you should also check for the pixel count of a TV, the larger the pixel count, the better would be the resolution. A good resolution means sharp pictures.
  3. Do make sure that the TV you buy has a good contrast ratio. You will not be able to view low light and extremely bright images clearly on a TV with a poor contrast ratio.
  4. It’s also important to ensure that your TV offers all the connectors that you would need. For instance if you love gaming and your console offers HDMI connections, the TV must be able to support your gaming console.

Tips to buy DVD player from best malls in Mumbai

  1. Different types of DVD players are available in the best malls in Mumbai, thus aside from the cost of the item you are planning to buy; it will equally be useful to know what type of DVD player you are shopping for.
  2. If you have or are already using a HDTV at home, a HD player will be the most compatible player for your television. If you happen to be a collector or were able to keep some VHS tapes, there are players that can play both DVD and VHS. If you want to watch a movie while traveling, the portable DVD players will surely be your ultimate choice of entertainment.
  3. Aside from playing contents from a DVD, the player should also be able to play CD, CD-R, and CD-RW.
  4. They should have stereo outputs, built with Dolby decoders and fine quality processors for video and audio data.

So go ahead and shop for the best TV set or DVD player from Croma Lower Parel.

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