Tips to Select the best salon and spa in Mumbai

Salons can offer the perfect way to get ready for a wedding day celebration. The bride and her bridal party may wish to book a spa/salon where they can all meet and get ready together. This may handle the hair, nails, and makeup of everyone in the group. Depending on the amount of time available, this type of booking can create the ideal way to bring everyone together to look his or her best. Of course, there are some key things to consider for selecting the best salon and spa in Mumbai for your grand wedding.

Tips to Select the best salon and spa in Mumbai

1. Ensure the spa Has Ample Room: The last thing you want is to select a spa that already has a full calendar of clients. Always look for a spa in Mumbai with limited booking on your wedding day. Ensure the spa or the parlor has enough staff and space to accommodate your group alone. This way, everyone in your group gets equal attention at the same time. Many salons tend to stall their bookings for several hours so they can meet the needs of the entire wedding party at one time. This ensures that no one is left out or has to go last for treatment. You don’t want it taking too long on this special day, either.

2. Plan for Other Services: Also important is to look for salons that can offer all the services you need. While pedicures and manicures should happen a day or two before the big day, makeup and waxing can happen the day of the event. You’ll want to choose a location that offers these services and plan for what they will entail. Working on a color scheme for makeup and having a basic waxing down prior to the big day helps to reduce the amount of work necessary on the wedding day.

Is it important to meet the stylist beforehand?

1. Have your bridesmaid meet with the stylist that they will use prior to the wedding day.
2. For example, in the week leading up to the wedding day, have each bridesmaid come in to talk to the specific stylist she will use on the day of the event.
3. They can plan what type of look to go for and get any type of haircut they want.
4. In most cases, the day of the event you just want everyone to come in to get their hair done up, rather than get a completely new haircut.
5. Colors and perms need to happen long before this day. Be sure to schedule this.

Salons like Dessange Mumbai know how to work with bridal parties that need attention. There are others that might not be able to provide the same quality of service. Be sure to look for an establishment willing to work to meet your specific needs.

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