Ways to eat healthy at Burger King Mumbai

If you are trying to lose weight and introduce some healthy eating changes to your diet, the last thing you may want to do is visit a restaurant like Smoke House Deli. But occasions will come along such as anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas parties etc, when you may find yourself visiting a restaurant. Don’t be tempted to banish your diet completely for the evening, and risk returning to your old ways. You may also lose some of the momentum you have built up on your weight loss journey.

Eating at a restaurant like Maroosh lower Parel does not all have to be about fatty foods and total excess, you can still eat sensibly when eating out. Here are some tips for healthy eating at restaurants.

Order your meal In advance: 
It is easy to lose your control once you get to the restaurant and start viewing the tasty menu. Safer bet is to view the menu online. Restaurants like Burger King Mumbai have a website, using which you can view the menu. You then have the opportunity to study it and identify the most healthy meal choices. Make a sensible choice that you will enjoy and stick with it on the night. You could always order your meal in advance if possible.

Be aware of how dishes are cooked and served: 
Certain foods and meals may not be as healthy as you think. Is the meal cooked in butter, fried, battered, cooked or smothered in a sauce, or served with a dressing? A portion of mushrooms is a low fat healthy option, but this may not be the case when it comes to a plate of garlic mushrooms.

Order a starter for your main meal
Having a starter is a great way to control the quantity you eat. You will also save a bit of money as well. If you think it may not be enough to satisfy you, then why not have soup first or add a side salad.

Eat slowly and stop when you feel full
Try eating slowly and really chewing your food, it is far easier to over-eat when you eat quickly. Stop eating when you start to feel full, this will stop you getting bloated and consuming too many calories.

Avoid buffet restaurants
All you can eat buffets should be avoided at all costs. The sheer volume of food and choice available for a set price can be very hard to resist.

Ask them to box it up
You could always ask the restaurant to box up the remainder of your meal this could make a nice lunch the next day and stop you eating too much. You could choose to skip dessert, share one or order a kids portion.

You don’t have to avoid all the foods you love when you’re eating out on a diet, but you can still be sensible when it comes to portion sizes. Follow these tips for healthy eating at restaurants, and keep your weight loss goals on track.

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