Why should you visit Maroosh Lower Parel?

If you are a foodie, then, Mumbai has got lot to offer. There is no food item, delicacy, dish or cuisine in the world, which is not available in Mumbai. Needless to say, Mumbai is one of the cultural meting pots of the world. So, the variety in demographics has given rise to the variety of food culture in the society. So, a foodie person would never get bored in Mumbai. When you visit a shopping mall, it is always better to try out new food items. In this way, you would be able to find out the restaurants in Mumbai which appeal to your taste buds the most.

The funniest thing is that there are many people who used to consider themselves to be seasoned foodie, but when they visit Mumbai for the first time, they get surprised to find some offbeat cuisines which they had never heard of before coming to Mumbai. It is no surprise that they get excited immediately and become a fan of those new cuisines. One such cuisine is Lebanese cuisine. Lebanese cuisine is one of the most wonderful cuisines in the world, yet it has not been branded well at the global level. In India, very few people know about Lebanese cuisine outside the few metropolitan cities. If you are in Mumbai, you must try out Lebanese cuisine. Here are three specialities of Lebanese cuisine.

  1. Wonderful use of meat
    If you are a non-vegetarian, there is no other cuisine in the world as good as Lebanese cuisine. The way they cook the meat keeps it juicy making it taste delicious. The meat is served usually with bread in the Lebanese dishes. Moreover, the non-vegetarian dishes of Lebanese cuisine are not only tasty, but also nutritious too. If you want to taste the best shawarmas in Mumbai, you must pay a visit to Maroosh Lower Parel.
  2. Soft and high quality bread
    The bread used in the dishes of Lebanese cuisine are thick yet wonderfully soft. Moreover, there is a wide variety of breads used in Lebanese dishes, and all the variety of breads taste delicious. You can try out falafel in any outlet of Maroosh in Mumbai. Maroosh is one such food chain offering Lebanese food, which has never received any kind of complaint in terms of quality of food.
  3. Unique desserts
    The desserts of Lebanese cuisine are quite unique in nature. They are not too sugary yet melt in your mouth. The secret of such wonderful desserts in Lebanese cuisine is the style of slow cooking. This style of cooking gives the desserts their signature texture. If you want to get the complete flavour of Lebanese cuisine, you should also learn some of the dishes to cook yourself.
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