The Tale of Probability and Luck: Why We’re in Control of Our Destiny
Christopher D. Connors

Well written Christopher.

I agree many (most?) tend to leave it to “luck” to decide for themselves and many (most?) will be very keen in telling you what you “probably” can or cannot do. One has to find the strenght and the courage to go against the other and kicking him/herself b… to take charge of his/her life.

2 more comments:
- The basketball example: disagree with pure luck. Some luck, sure. But the man knows perfectly, through thousands and thousands hours of training, where the basket is, how much the ball weight and how to control it. So it is called “luck” because it has never been seen before? Can it therefore apply to any other “never seen before” situation?
- The opposite view, always healthy to open our mind: I have just started reading “The Drunkard’s walk, How randomness rules our Lives” Leonard Mlodinow. TBC when I am finished.

Thanks again for the article

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