May 16–31, 2020

Recent Milestones

Vite Labs Plans to Integrate Chainlink Oracle

Oracles are important for Vite’s ecosystem development. High-quality oracles ensure reliable, diverse and decentralized off-chain data feeds. Chainlink is one of the longest-running and best-known oracle technology providers. After integrating Chainlink oracle, Vite will bridge the on-chain and off-chain data gap, more efficiently integrate decentralized systems with traditional centralized systems…


ViteX, developed by Vite Labs, is the world’s first DAG-based decentralized exchange. ViteX Coin, VX, is the coin native to the ViteX platform. It is mined exclusively by the ViteX community and is used to allocate rewards back to the community.

VX holders can receive daily dividends from a shared…

May 1–15, 2020

Recent Milestones

Strategic partnerships

On May 7, Vite Labs announced a strategic partnership with KardiaChain. Both parties will jointly explore payment solutions and develop infrastructure for blockchain interoperability. KardiaChain is in partnership with a top telecom company in Vietnam with 60 million users, and it aims to establish Vietnam’s first mobile payment gateway. …

Khun Sir

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