Independence, yet again!

Yesterday we celebrated our 70th Independence Day!
 My WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram was all flooded with posts by my friends. Some dressed in the tri- color, some hoisting the flag, some claiming themselves to be true and proud Indians and so many of similar ones! Sets up a wonderful patriot feel within indeed!

This era of socialization is making us live the freedom of expression to the fullest. But the question that makes me curious is, are we really taking up the responsibility to live the independence which was won by our super heroes 70 years ago?

I feel, we are in a fight for maintaining the independence won years back!
 The fight against the heinous crimes that happen around us, against the people who are forgetting what civilization is, against the mentality which hampers the development of any other individual who is a citizen of India. Anything under the sky that is holding back the image of India form being flawless!!
 Murdering, raping, Sexual assault, abduction! These, (and endlessly others) are the everyday headlines in the newspapers usually (The records have went down in some gladly though). 
 We read them, and do have an opinion against it. In fact, we have an opinion about everything happening around us. But we feel, 
 ‘Mere sochne se kya badal jaega’
 ‘Yeh India hain, Yaha sab chalta hain

 Now what happens to our right to freedom? Why are we keeping our views to ourselves?
 Why not go and let everyone know about it? Why not take up a cause, and start working for it?
 That is where I want to direct myself this Independence Day.
 I wish to live a literally free life, where I can live the India, which my heroes wished to create for the generations to come.
 This Independence Day, let’s pledge to free the society form the hurdles that are standing as obstacles in the way of development. Let’s pledge to get over this ‘chalta hain’ mentality, the ‘hum kya kar sakte hain’ mentality. Voice your opinion! Go ahead to support a cause which you feel is important to change the picture. Have something new in your vision, share it! I bet there are many people like us who want a better picture of our nation!
 Jai Hind!