It should be everyday. You should feel Love running in your veins and crawling beneath your skin. That’s when it won’t disappear into the thin air

Relationships a tragedy why they become
Love wasn’t supposed to change with seasons
That’s what I thought when lost into the distant sky
I wrote what I know of love
When does love forever lasts, unchanged like
The shine of the sun since glorious million years?
Emotions and feelings that you have for one never changes
When you don’t love them for your needs
Love, if you have to, the curves of her nails
The way she smiles when you compliment her
Love the way she takes breaks while speaking
The way she nods her head while replying
Love how she plays with her hair and teases to cheer you up
When low times have been
Love him when he is getting mad at you
Love the way his hair sway when he rides his bike
Love the strength of his arms but how he gently holds
Love the way his eyes get stuck in yours, not blinking a second
Love the sighs, his singing voice when he wakes you up morning each
Love how he treats you, meets you when
Busy his schedule is
Love her playful voice when she calls you with loving names
Love how she holds onto your arm when scared she is from a bug so tiny
Love how he taps at your bedroom window
A surprise that he brings for you
Love his sleepy voice when he calls to tell he misses you
And love each day like it was new
Their arms the only shelter for you
Their eyes the place to rest when whole of the world around is blur
When you love this way, it will last forever as if it was meant to be

Khushboo Dem


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