What is Peace? Is it an emotion, a mentality, a lifestyle? Or a symbol, a social construct, an ideal? Is it a virtue that we embody everyday through our actions or just another false flag like equality and freedom. How often do we even think about peace though? Maybe the easiest way to figure out what Peace means is to just think about what we want peace to be. Look at the world ten years from now. What are the people doing, what do they feel, how do they act differently than now?

When we say we want to “be at peace” what do we actually want to be? Take a second. Take a seat. Take a day. Take the time to consider how the people around you make you feel. They make you want to be who you truly are, accomplish your dreams, and make your life a happier place. That is Peace…Harmony…Collaboration.

Peace is a personal state of being. It already exists within each and every one us. It is not something that is created by all of us coming to an agreement. Peace is that feeling when you realize you are capable of achieving anything. Peace is the ability to transform conflicts and challenges into prosperity using creativity and empathy. Peace is building enduring and ingenious solutions to problems that affect not just human beings but the whole world.

When we bring everyone together we exponentially increase our capacity to create value and benefit each other. Instead of excluding outsiders to keep something small and meaningless for ourselves, we invite everyone to join us so that we can all be part of something great. When we create something together, that we all share and all prosper from, that is Peace.

A tribute to Peace Accelerators

Coder/artist/designer inspired by biomimicry, chaos theory, and anarchy. Practitioner of genetic programming, business strategy, and entrepreneurship

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