Who’s Killing the Twitter Game?

Depends. What do you mean by “killing” and which game are we playing? At KickFactory, we track 2,500 of the top brands on Twitter and look at what, who, and how many people they’re engaging. Here’s a peek at who came out on top in the last quarter of 2016.

Broadcast Tweets

Broadcast tweets are those that go out from a brand with news, info, product launches, etc. They’re funny, informative, and/or a call to action (like a sale). These make up quite a bit of brand tweets and are probably what you think of when you think of how brands use Twitter.

For example:

Here are the top brands, by volume of tweets:

  1. Anytime Fitness — 14K tweets
  2. Papa John’s Pizza — 8K tweets
  3. Uber — 8K tweets
  4. Taco Bell — 6K tweets
  5. American Airlines — 6K tweets

Customer Service Tweets

A little more self-explanatory, customer service are when brands repond to problems or concerns.

Like this:

Here are the top brands, by volume of customer service tweets sent:

  1. T-Mobile — 107K tweets
  2. Delta — 87K tweets
  3. American Airlines — 77K tweets
  4. Uber — 76K tweets
  5. Activision — 74K tweets

Social Sales Tweets

Social sales is different from broadcast or customer service. Social sales tweets address someone at their time of need, but before they’ve started shopping or looking at a brand specifically.

It’s like this:

The top brands using social sales, by volume, are:

  1. Sprint — 111K tweets
  2. SallieMae — 43K tweets
  3. Sears Auto — 33K tweets
  4. Life Time Fitness — 31K tweets
  5. GlassesUSA.com — 23K tweets

If you’re interested in more, check out our full report, including the platforms/tools brands are using, here.

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