Jobs Available in the Crowdfunding Industry

The crowdfunding industry has exploded. More than 1,250 online platforms around the world raised $16.2 billion last year, up 167% from 2013 as per a research study by Massolution, a renowned research firm. Global crowdfunding reached $34 billion by end of the year 2015, with $6 billion of that just in the US, double that of the year previous.

The concept of crowdfunding has also created a huge number of jobs. According to a comprehensive survey:

39% of the companies engaged an average of 2.2 new employees per company after successful crowdfunding.

As per a research study by the Crowdfund Capital Advisors:

an additional 48% of the companies stated that they intend to employ the crowdfunding proceeds to hire the new staff.

The companies developed as a result of the funding generated through crowdfunding aren’t the only ones creating job opportunities in the industry. The crowdfunding industry itself has opened up a wide range of job opportunities for those who have a passion for employment within new and innovative companies in challenging positions.

These positions are not for the regular MBAs or Grads. Most of the job opportunities demand a high level of out of the box thinking skills. If the concept of crowdfunding fascinates you and if you have the strengths that can offer something new to the industry, then there are numerous jobs available in a range of different fields. The best place to start is undoubtedly the AngelList. Our search for crowdfunding resulted in a fabulous list of around 138 startups.

The most regularly appearing job positions in the crowdfunding industry are:

Kickbooster Co-Founders (Clockwise from top left): Yvan Boisjoli, Stefan Maynard, Jay Myers, Eric Boisjoli, Scott Adamson, Michael Oduro


New Crowdfunding platforms and their related services (like Kickbooster) pop up every other day. At this time, many entrepreneurs are trying to put their ideas in motion, with the hope to start a fruitful career in a continuously growing industry.

However, establishing a start-up on your own isn’t a thing for everyone. We witnessed quite a few listings from individuals hunting for a Co-founder to bring more experience to their table to move it forward. Among those was UK based HouseFundr, a P2P real estate investment marketplace.

Software Engineer

One is spoiled for choice when it comes to listings for engineers of all kinds, but especially software engineers. They usually include back-end and front-end engineers and iOS engineers. A few of the major companies looking for engineers are Patreon, CircleUp and GiveForward.

As most of the operations of the crowdfunding platforms are largely online, there are tons of jobs available for IT professionals, and include senior positions like Chief Technology Officers (CTO).

Legal Counsel

As with any sort of new business, there are numerous legal issues that need some expert input. A lot of crowdfunding platforms and related services have chosen to employ legal counsels to help them with issues such as financing, corporate formations, customer/website agreements and many other day-to-day legal problems.

Among the companies that are hunting for legal counsels and related positions currently include RealtyShares and MarketX.

Communications & PR Directors

One of the biggest challenges for startups is figuring out the best strategies to communicate their mission and the value of their services to their potential customers. It is vital especially in the early stages to get the word out about the new start-up, and then take control of your own image.

This is the very reason why numerous companies like the Seedrs are looking to hire employees in the Communications and PR fields. As these companies grow in size, Communications and PR workers can plan the communications with stakeholders, with plenty of time to manage the potential crisis and issues in a way that skillfully maintains the company’s reputation.

Crowdfunding Consultants

With literally thousands and thousands of crowdfunding projects being launched every month to raise money for an extremely large amount of projects, causes, start-ups and a lot more, crowdfunding consultants are in very high demand. It is important for the creators to know when they need a crowdfunding consultant and how to select the right consultant, which in itself has also become a widely discussed topic.

One company that was on the lookout for a crowdfunding consultant on the AngelList was CW Companies, a part of Nationwide Unbiased Automotive Sales Professionals.

Customer Relationship Representative

No doubt, it is vital for crowdfunding sites to provide good customer service. This is so that if the fundraiser or creators run into an issue or crisis with their campaigns, it can be solved in a professional and timely manner.

Good customer service is the key to make or break any crowdfunding platform. The bad reviews get around a lot faster than the good reviews and the platforms which make it hard to reach their representatives when the fundraisers need them most, end up losing a lot of business as a result.

Some of the crowdfunding platforms looking to hire customer service or customer relationship representatives are Patreon, CauseVox and SmartRaiser.

Credit: The Simpsons

Operations Manager

Operations managers have major responsibility when it comes to ensuring that the businesses under them run smoothly and that the customer’s needs are met efficiently. The opportunities out there for Operations Managers in the crowdfunding industry are huge.

Some of the biggest names in the industry like Kickstarter are looking to hire candidates who have the skills to efficiently manage the operations of their firm.


The list of jobs shared is just a very brief look at some of the key job opportunities that keep popping up frequently in the crowdfunding industry and is not an exhaustive list. Though the companies discussed in the article and the job listings we mentioned are just a snapshot of the wide array of jobs available, they do lend a good and comprehensive idea about what crowdfunding companies are looking for in employees, to fill positions from a range of different fields.

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