A Referral Program for Kickstarter

So What is Kickbooster and can it help my campaign Go Viral?

Nov 17, 2015 · 3 min read

So our team here found a hole in the world of crowdfunding and Kickbooster is our solution to plug that hole.

Kickbooster is a simple and easy way for Kickstarter campaign creators to set up and manage and referral program during their campaign!

So What is a Referral Program Anyways?

A referral program is any systematic way that your company encourages people to tell other people about your product or service.

How does this help my during my campaign?

Tell-A-Friend Referral Programs!

Customer referral programs are extremely powerful because when an existing customer recommends their friends to your company, they are transferring the trust their friend has in them to you. This is why a friends recommendation is the only form of marketing that directly produces a purchasing behaviour.

Kickbooster acts as the perfect to tool to increase your backer engagement during your campaign! The campaigns that see the most success using Kickbooster have either reached 60% of their funding goal or are 30 days into their campaign.

Affiliate Referral Programs

These programs can be effective when you have a collection of powerful influencers who have the ability to refer your product on a large scale (blog, podcast, etc…) or a community of consultants who work directly with your target customer base. With a monetary incentive these individuals have a reason to refer your product over someone else’s.

When running a crowdfunding campaign using an affiliate referral approach, it can be very powerful tool in getting influencers within your category to write about your campaign. Kickbooster offers a quick and easy way to set up this affiliate network so both the campaign creator and the affiliate can easily track the success of the program!

So What Exactly does Kickbooster let me do?


  1. Share the message about Kickbooster with your current backers and using different social media channels


2. Provides each signup with a unique url to share

3. Keeps track of referrals

4. Follows up through emails, notifying users each time someone signs up with their link

If you are interested in running a referral program during your Kickstarter campaign, check us out at www.kickbooster.me and you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Hi, we are Kickbooster.me — find us right here on Medium & give us a Like. Or check us out on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

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