A Change Of Address

We’re excited to announce that Kickdrum HQ has moved to a new location: 652 Main Street on the 6th Floor.

The office is cool as hell, with high ceilings, exposed brick and tons of light. Best of all, it’s right in the middle of downtown Cincinnati — right on the streetcar line (almost hit it twice already.)

The view from Kickdrum HQ

After working in the suburbs for a year, it’s a little too easy to dismiss the importance of being around the hustle and energy of the city. Seeing art going up in public spaces; hearing strains of live music drift over from Fountain Square; discovering the best gyro you’ve ever had is right next door (props to Uncle Mo’s); and just watching the random storylines of other people’s lives happening all around us — It’s the kind of input that feeds the soul and inspires our work.

Sure we’re still a little light on furniture and some of the current paint choices are way off-brand, but man it feels good to be down on Main Street.

(Mandatory Bob Seger link)

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