If i had to eat something for the rest of my life

I think if i had to eat something for the rest of my life I would eat mexican food I honestly think Mexican food is the best food on earth. You have your chimichangas you have your enchilada and other foods i can not spell But you know there good. Have you ever been to a mexican place and read the menu and was like what is this and you just order something random yea I want the el loco burrito like yea the burrito looks like a burrito its just crazy you just put random things in a dish like finger nails and like grass like you can put anything in the dish its all about the sauce I like sauce I can live on beans and rice its just so darn good you done did it again when you take that first bite its like wowowowowow. There’s just no way that you can express your love for mexican food you just have to love it and be a Mexican food lover i usually get the combination plate because it has a little bit of everything ❤ its life so if you wanna get me food than bring me mexican food ill repay you somehow

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