Sooooo I used to watch this show called spongebob and I loved it. I seen every single episode and it still never gets old when i was a kid my parents used towatch it with me and they used to say Wow this is annoying. I never understood why soooo as I got older i realized that Spongebobs voice is so annoying like his laugh is to high pitched. There’s a lot of things I don’t understand about spongebob and that is why is there a sponge still in driving school that never passes and is 25 years old working at a under water mcdonalds like its really sad if you think about spongebobs life. So he wakes up talks to his snail ‘good morning Gary” moew and then he gets out of bed and wears the same clothes everyday is mr krabs not paying him or something. Knowing spongebob he would probably say ill work for free. What an idiot like he wakes up says im ready im ready im ready and skips to work like he is a grown man he doesn’t even own a car I doesnt make sense. and to top it all of he wont DIE everytime something lands on him or goes through him he wont die he is like im a boss lol jk he says im a sponge i cant die and then he has the dumbest friends ever. I still dont understand how you eat a hamburger underwater beats me.

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