when people go behind my back and talk about me I feel like that’s petty. I always never understood that why do you have to make so much effort on going to someone and talking about me. Do you have a crush on me? or something. You might as well your always talking about me. You dont have anything else better to do than talk about someone. You People can have a job where you skip around everywhere throwing flowers spreading peoples business. ;) But I’m just saying its very immature and annoying you dont need to talk bad about someone behind someones back because it makes you look bad and makes you look like a little child and not a cute one either you know what i’m talking about. Anyways If your gonna say something about anyone or me please and please please say it to my face i’m just saying why talk about someone at all if you wont even say it to there face. It doesn’t make any sense Why does America have to be filled with ignorant people with no class. I guess im the only person who see’s it. To be honest I’m pretty sure people wont say it to there face because there scared and you better be scared so please say it to my face. :)

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