when people tell you they copy you

so people think that I copy them at everything I do like no i don't copy people. That’s elementary school sh*t. like you cant judge me for doing something my own way that’s very childish and ignorant. If your gonna judge me on something you better be an expert at the damn thing before you open your mouth. Its also kinda funny when someone tries to roast you and then you roast them back and then they start crying about it its pretty funny. Dont open your mouth if you cant take the heat just sayin. like I also hate it when people think there experts at certain things and they just barely know enough of it. For example, Im an expert tennis player but its only been a week since I started like no play it for 2 or 3 years then come talk to me about your life or whatever comes out of your mouth. So anyways if you try to talk smack about me you better be ready for it. If your gonna mess with the dog you better get ready to get bit because people like this, are losers and they just dont see it so just watch out :)

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