Kids Comp Camp‘s Macharia Maguta in a training session with Tony in Nairobi’s Eastlands Youth Training

Kids Comp Camp mission is to help Africa’s under-served communities, both children and adults around them, learn and embrace technology to transform their lives and communities.

Since inception in 2014, we’ve been keen to spend more and more time with our 8,000+ beneficiaries in 10+ rural communities across East Africa to learn of their pressing and complex problems and try to define broad opportunities we can help them address the challenges, of course with a bias of using education technology. Over the past 4 years, we’ve noted with concern that 40% of parents whose kids have attended a Kids Comp…

Wanjiku Lenah , well represented Kids Comp Camp to apply for CISCO’s Global Citizen Youth Prize up to semi finalist. The Youth Leadership prize honors an individual aged 18–30 who has contributed meaningfully towards the goal of ending global poverty and was a build up to Global Citizen Mandela 100 Festival in Jo’berg, South Africa. She also attended Goalkeepers Event courtesy of Melinda Gates Foundation. She explains Her experience.

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation…..

The Nelson Mandela Foundation dedicated this year’s Mandela Day to Action against poverty in honor of Mandela’s…

Press and POSTERS!

At the beginning of the year 2017 we announced plans to diversify Kids Comp Camp to also serve adults in the communities we work with. And the reason was one, to strengthen support system of Kids we serve by also training the teacher, parent and older brothers/sisters to support them and two, pilot a revenue model to support the Kids program which is offered at no cost from the Kids. The focus remain on the kids but now for adults who love them too.

Through brand name ‘Kompyuta Mashinani (Swahili for computers to the grassroots). Apparently, Kids Comp Camp is…

All smiles at She Can Code Challenge

She Can Code is an initiative aiming to bridge gender in STEM by inspiring women to take more STEM courses and careers. In partnership GE, and Kids Comp Camp organised an all girls coding camp dubbed ‘She Can Code Challenge’ on Friday, 24th August 2017. The camp was held at Safe Spaces Kenya located in Nairobi’s Eastlands Dandora. A total of 25 young girls, ages 12 to 18, from Mathare, Dandora, Kayole and Umoja neighbourhoods participated.

After several months and days planning for Rwanda Comp camp, August is here and we were all excited about it.This was to be our very first computer camp outside Kenya’s borders we kept our minds opened and determination to learn as much as the experience would offer. Kidscompcamp team left Nairobi at around 3 pm well prepared for the 24 hours long journey. The journey was long but we’ve spent most of our time traversing Kenya so this wasn’t going to be hard. #RwandaHereWeCome #250BetterbeGood would have been our hashtags.


Some of us dozed off along the way but before…

When we came back from #TanaRiver #AprilCompCamp. We had the unexpected joy of seeing familiar faces pictured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal Business&Finance section. Here is the rest of the story.

Kids Comp Camp pictured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal business section

GE Volunteers and Kids Comp Camp Partnership

Two Labs in Two schools

Sometime last year (2016) GE Volunteers Nairobi Council reached out to us with an opportunity to partner and help them give back community service hours to a nearby community during International Volunteers Day . This went well and started a conversation to set up 2 computer labs and train teachers and students in 2 schools.

Kids Comp Camp Tana River took place April 3rd to 7th 2017. The camp happened at Madogo Secondary School. The camp brought together 6 primary schools from Bura constutuency, Tana North sub county, and Tana River county.

Here is a short profile of the schools that attended.

Adhama primary school came from the farthest, 40 Kilometers away. The school has a population of around 150 pupils. We had 15 pupils attend the camp. The main people groups in Adhama village are the Somalis and Munyoyaya. Read here more interesting details about the school.

Students of Adhama Primary School

Mororo Primary School is located around Madogo…

Well, what can I say. Somebody call 911, because this place is on fire. Ha, don’t mind the bad puns, this is Tana River, and don’t let me hold back on how hot it is.

The weather was hot and dry with clear skies and highs of upto 39 degrees degrees celsius

However as usual it is always inspiring to go to new heights to impact lives.

Our gracious Hosts were Steve and Daisy Sandagi. They exceptionally cared for us for a whole 5 days, practically feeding us, and making us feeling like kings and queens.

Well, here is how it all happened, as usual we met in town, where we grouped and boarded a matatu to…

Pupils from Adama Pri Schl during Kids Comp Camp with Teacher Rose

It’s 6am on Friday 14th April 2016, a day after Kids Comp Camp Tana River April 2017. I was out to meet Matano to visit His school (Adhama Pri Schl) which attended the camp from the farthest, a whooping 40km away. The camp brought together 150 kids from 6 schools from Bura Constituency, Tana North Sub County, Tana River County.

We boarded His boda boda (motorbike) and off we went. But before we left madogo shopping center we stopped by several homesteads and Matano had short conversations with the owners. …

Kids at Kabuku Primary School during intro session

Sometime last year (2016) quarter four Kendi Mbichi reached out to us about an opportunity to partner with GE Volunteers Nairobi Council to give back hours to a near by community during International Volunteers Day.

We had a great time with GE Volunteers during International Volunteers Day Kids Comp Camp, which coincided with computer science week, held at Kangemi Resource Center on Dec 5th 2016.

The next phase of this project would be to establish computer labs in schools as well as equip teachers and students with the required skills to ensure full utilization and benefit of the facilities. Kabuku…

Kids Comp Camp

We help Africa’s under-served communities both children and adults around them catch up with the current digital driven society!

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