YMCA Kibera, Hope you missed us?

Howdy partner, it’s been a mighty long time since we spoke last…… I can’t go on speaking like that, I might get incasarated to an asylum. All the same I am quite excited, we headed out to familiar territory. In the heart of Nairobi, in the middle of Africa’s second largest slum (Kibera), lies YMCA Kibera primary school. A school known in our earlier session to pull a surprise scholar or two. Following a series of totally unrelated events, I arrived promptly at our rendezvous point, as if on cue, the rest of our team assembled, and off we went. We arrived early, to be introduced to Osman, a lovely fellow from YMCA headquarters, coming to get a glimpse of what we were dishing out. After a round of interviews for the volunteers, the day could formerly kick off.

The best part about working with kids is their heart to learn, their innocent curiosity that pushes you onwards. Its very infectious, once I was assigned to my group and the rest of the team was settled our game faces came on. The kids absorbing every word spewing from the mouth of the facilitator, and the volunteers cheering him on. The atmosphere rife with anxiety as to which group would answer the next question and get a treat, It was amazing to say the least. Soon break time was upon us and we enjoyed the ever welcome ‘mandazi’ accompanied by tea. However, we needed to accomplish the main objective of the day, that was changing lives.

We got back in and one of the children astonished us, we put forth a computational thinking task called ‘Santa’s Dirty Socks’, but now a local version of it. The task is meant to test the critical thinking of children, or anyone doing it, it took him less than three minutes to figure it out.

Our own trainers took more time than the kids to get it, it was as amazing as it was humorous.

I could go on and on about all the little bits and pieces of our day, but it will count for naught if no foreseeable results occur. In that one day camp, it takes so much effort to fit a three day curriculum. We try our level best to make sure the content is manageable, and is received as conveyed. Frankly it is to say the least, it seems to be working, and as long as we have the time, energy, and will, ‘tutajenga nchi.’ Well I better sign off here, things to do , places to be, till next time, your favorite neighbourhood Kids Comp Camp.