Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Seriously where has December gone never mind this year. I honestly don’t remember it going so quickly previous years! I’ve gone from feeling all organised which I am pretty much, I think, to wondering what I’ve forgotten about!

It’s been a busy old time for me more so this year as amongst all the Christmas food planning, Christmas shopping for gifts, wrapping said gifts, nativity plays, letters to Santa, visits to Santa, Elf on the shelf fun, Advent calendars etc I have also been working my way through a course.

I mentioned in my last post that I have an interest in Social media, well my course is all about just that. It has been an enlightening journey so far but wow there is so much out there to explore and learn and it has meant spending lots of time getting sucked down rabbit holes. I am enjoying it though and have great support from my ‘Social sisters’ as we are known.

But looking ahead to the new year what plans do I have, what resolutions will I make and are they achievable?

no.1 Time management - I consider myself an organised person but how I manage that could definitely do with an overhaul.

no.2 Get more quality sleep: a tricky one with kids who are just that kids and can blow that idea out of the pan any night of the week without warning! But also for me it’s about learning to ignore the beeping alerts coming from my iphone that I then feel compelled to check.

no.3 Get active/healthy: Yes I know who doesn’t say this one but I really do need to find more time for me to relax, do more exercise and eat more fruit/veg at the same time I’m trying to get the kids to have their 5-a-day!

no.4 Spend more time with family/friends: Everyone leads busy lives and it’s all too easy to just let another day go by without getting in touch or meeting up. Good friends and family are precious and you never know what’s around the corner so make that time!

and finally for me

no.5 Complete my social media management course and ultimately find that elusive #WorkThatWorks and be a #DigitalMum.

If you would like some ideas for yourself for the new year then check out this link!

On that note I wish you all a very happy Christmas wherever you are in the world and hope you have a magical day making new memories and having fun with family/friends!

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