May the best kid artwork win; are kids competitive when it comes to art?

Are kids competitive when it comes to art?

It sounds like we are questioning about their innocence. Because whatever they paint or draw they just do it for pleasure and straight from the heart. They never any involve the materialistic subject into their world. And competition exists where there is even a little touch of materialism.

We have often observed the talented kids performing their artwork and they are so much involved in themselves that they hardly care about any “Competition”.

Kids love to draw, paint and flow with colors. Their artwork is a reflection of their inner world; it shows what is going inside a kid’s mind. In their early age, it’s a mode to keep them active and busy and they find peace in that. This painting has basically become a part of their life.

Painting not only gives your kid a medium to speak his mind talks but also blesses him with a creative touch. Through painting, they explore their world and try a hand in creativity.

‘Art is a way to enter into the world of Imagination” and what brings this thought on the floor is the artistic work of KIDS. An ample amount of ideas and imaginations circulates in the mind circle of kids which they exactly draw on paper.

Though kids never thought of competing with any of their mates but we elders never forget to compare things. We are just addicted of comparing things, anyway No hard feelings.

What matters here is what you are going to do when it will reach to compare the two cutest artworks of your kid. Well, we just hope you hang them both on your wall for a long time.

We think in spite of Competition one should term the event with Encouragement event. It will help all kids to work in a group and with positive and growing atmosphere. And surprisingly, you will find single piece to be the best Artwork, seizing your eyes!

Chances may be that your kid’s artworks make you wonder which one to take for a printout! Then we suggest bring each piece to our site and leave rest on us. We take out the required print under minimum investment.

Art is a work of emotions and not competition. Keep your kid’s heart involved in the real and encouraging world and inspire him to draw more by affixing his artwork on your home’s wall.