Printing my kids’ artwork was simple as 1–2–3!!

From the time our kids begin to color we become art collectors. Collectors of one of a kind, priceless works of art — our children’s art!

We could fill our home to overflowing with the kids special projects, but we are going to share a few quick tips on how we’ve gotten a handle and print kid’s artwork.

  • First one is our own kid’s art display wall, made out of thirsted frames with the glass and backing removed.
  • Instead of removing the backs, you could simply replace the glass in a set of frames with cork from a roll of cork board.
  • A bulletin board display wall for kid’s art can be made and now your kid can easily pin up new artworks anytime.
  • You can use inexpensive frames that will allow you to pop out the artwork easily to change.
  • You can also display kid’s art along a wire. Use a wire curtain rod system to display the art or simply clip the artwork to a wire stretched between a couples of hook-eye screws.
  • Use ledges or floating wall shelves for a kid’s art display area. It’s easy to change out the artwork and you can simply support up painted canvases, framed art pieces, and 3-dimensional art, layering and moving them around as much as you like without putting any extra unsightly holes in the walls.
  • Give your fridge art display a makeover with do it yourself magnetic picture frames.
  • Create a photo book of your kid’s art.
  • Group clipboards together as an art display area on the wall. It will help you in changing out the art displays super quickly and easily. You can also make your own display clipboards.

So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is just log on to as this is where you can get your kids’ artwork printed as low as 30 cents.

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