What Goes on in a Kid’s Mind when Painting or Drawing

The innocent creation of nature, they are sweet, they are humble, they are polite and they are Kids. Kids search their own world without any support of others. Their naughtiness could be sensed with their charming and glittering smile.

In their world, they create a lot of activities without any sign of fatigue. In fact, they are the only living creature on this earth who can play endlessly throughout the day.

Whether you call it their energy level or undying capability, their mind thinks beyond uncertainty. Kids are hardly concerned about what others are getting from their acts; they just flow with air and adjust them accordingly.

And their favorite activity known as ‘coloring and painting, it’s a real joy to watch them playing with colors. But it also speaks what they are thinking in the defined state of time. Their thinking creates a different life zone of their living.

They paint and paint but how you are going to secure their paintings, especially their first kind of creation for lifelong? Well, you can print their art works just by bringing them to www.kidzartistry.com and you can have them for years.

We cannot make correct answers of the question but we can put our speculations about our lovely kid’s mind. So here we go;

  • People say Kids only speak what they see and colors give them a way to paint what they see.
  • Kids only paint what they observe in their atmosphere. For many kids, painting and sketching speak about their present state of mind.
  • They paint ‘what happened with them’. Sometimes kids draw a happy day image and sometimes they draw a sad day, this only implies about their activities which have been there throughout the day.
  • Kids define their thought process through painting and sketching. Kids generally draw their mind talks on paper; they draw lines, dots, crosses, flowers, animals etc.
  • The choice of colors defines their taste of life

When they choose bright colors it speaks about their flamboyant side when they choose light colors it’s a symbol of their lovely side and when they choose dark colors it means they need your attention.

Painting and drawing ideally outline a thought process of kids, through which they translate their emotion. And on your part it’s your duty to never let their first thought processes go in vain; preserve that lifelong as a sweet memory of their childhood.