By 6

Thinking of ways to say goodbye.

Rope, sleeping pills, water, ledge, gun.

Note, written. Decision made. Pain, overwhelming.


Message sent. Seen. Read. No reply.

Message sent. Seen. Read. No reply.

Message sent. Not read. No reply.


Keys. Door, locked. Engine started. Rain.

Heart pounding. Thoughts racing. Worried. Panicked.

Headlights. The sound of wind. Speeding.


House, in veiw. Hopes are high.

Door locked. Knocked. No reply. Repeat.

Knocked. No reply. Knocked. No reply.

Heart pounding, mind racing. Scared. Terrified.

Door, broken. Screaming your name. Searching.

Your room, door ajar. Heart sinks.

Sees you. Eyes, dull. Cold touch.

Hope lost. Heart broken. Too slow.

Rope hangs feet above the ground.

Broken. Too slow. Too late. Lifeless.

I lost you at six o'clock.

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