CSGO Interview — Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard

Today, I sat down with 21 year old, Danish CS:GO player Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard to discuss some recent events, such as Team123’s split, recent performances and the near-future for his CS:GO ventures.

Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard is currently still playing with the Team123 roster.

Here is what happened:

Q: Do you think your performance as a player has been standard recently?

A: I think personally that my performance was due to the team’s backbone, and the role i had within the team. That means with good understanding from each player in what was to happen in each round, made the game for me a lot easier.

Q: Do you think the mentality of the team was the bigger factor in your split, rather than the talent and ability?

A: The split did not come down to a bad mentality from any player. You could argue that there was lack of talent on the team, in the form of the progress in evolving as players. But duration of the team everyone came out on the other side a better player.

Q: How hard is it to play official matches with the ex-Team123 roster, considering you have already decided to split?

A: After the split we had 3 periods of days with official games. The first time we played after the split it was not that bad, even though we lost some games quite bad. We did have some good games after our split, but the worst was probably the last 3 games we had. But every player is good, and we are all best of friends.

Q: Have you had any offers to play in any teams, and is there any you can tell us about?

A: At the moment I can’t say that much, but I do have some offers from a few teams, some more interesting than others. So time will tell what comes.

Q: And lastly, what is your personal goal for the next 6 months?

A: I think my goal the next 6 months is to experience something new and different. Again I’m not completely sure what is going to happen and when, but having fun is my main goal and maybe learn to become more independent than I’ve been before.

So, as you can see, the split of the Team123 roster hasn’t affected the friendship of the players, which can sometimes be even worse than splitting as a team. Friendship is what drives successful teams. It is very good to know that Christian is still wanting to competitively play Counter-Strike and I can assure you we’ll see him back on a new team in the next few months.

From myself and all of the readers, we wish you good luck!

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