The Ownership Problem
Cap Watkins

“Creativity is just connecting things.”, one of Steve Jobs’ most quoted musings, is a simple, fundamental truth.

In life or in business the only strategy is to be creative. So the ability to connect different things together to create new ideas is a necessity. Smart individuals will always be able to connect things in their mind and see new ideas, but the number of things they start with to consider connecting is limited by their own experiences. A smart person who silos themselves is still a silo.

Not sharing ideas is routed in the fear of your great idea being diluted and destroyed by others who don’t have the time or agenda to understand it properly. Protecting ideas vehemently is the Achilles heel of the creative mind.

Sharing > owning is a great way to articulate the benefits of collaborating. Great research on where ideas come from, the wisdom of crowds, what strategy actually is and collaboration to name but a few has shown for decades that creativity flourishes when we share.

Simply, the more we share, the more things we can connect together, the more creative we become, which leads to just accomplishing more and enjoying the ride.

Great piece, thanks for writing that.

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